Solution Blow Spinning (SBS): A Promising Spinning System for Submicron/Nanofibre Production

Md. Khalilur Rahman Khan, Mohammad Naim Hassan

2021 / Volume 4 / Issue 3 / Pages 181-200
Received 31 January 2021; Accepted 28 March 2021; Published Online 29 April 2021; Published 7 September 2021

Submicron/nanofibres possess great potential for application in different areas because of their amazingly high surface area-to-weight ratio. The demand for fabrication of such fibres on a huge scale is increasing with the fast improvement of nanotechnology. Traditionally, nanofibre fabrication methods have intrinsic faults, limiting their application in industry. Solution blow spinning (SBS) is a viable option for producing adaptable and conformable submicron/nanofibre mats on a variety of surfaces. The technique can be employed to produce submicron/ nanofibres with only a simple commercial airbrush, a concentrated polymer solution, and a compressed gas source. It depends on the high velocity of decompressed air that allows the rapid stretching and evaporation of the solvent from a polymeric solution jet at the outlet of the concentric nozzles system. Along with recent advancements, the importance and drawbacks of the solution blow spinning system in comparison to other methods, such as electrospinning and melt blowing, are briefly discussed. Furthermore, the mechanisms of co-axial SBS spinning and micro SBS spinning system for submicron/nanofibre fabrication are also described. Drawbacks and research challenges of SBS are also addressed in this paper.

Submicron/nanofibre, Solution blow spinning (SBS), Airbrushing, Co-axial spinning