Antiviral Finishing on Textiles – An Overview

Goutam Bar, Debjit Biswas, Shrutirupa Pati, Kavita Chaudhary, Mahadev Bar

2021 / Volume 4 / Issue 1 / Pages 5-22
Received 4 August 2020; Accepted 21 October 2020; Published Online 31 October 2020; Published 2 March 2021

Antiviral textiles are one of the most promising areas of protective textiles. Antiviral textiles are important in the field of health and hygiene. They become an essential part of our daily-life when a pandemic situation arises. The present paper critically analyses and summarizes various researches of the production of antiviral textiles. Different classes of the virus, how the virus transmits and replicates, various antiviral agents for textiles and their working mechanism, and the application procedure of various synthesized and bio-based antiviral compounds on textiles have been discussed in this paper. Finally, the present paper compares the existing antiviral finishing on textiles in terms of its effectiveness, durability and skin-friendliness and, following that, discusses the possibilities of using antiviral textiles in various sectors.

Virus, Textiles, Antiviral agent, Antiviral finish, Antiviral textiles