Camouflage Fabric – Fabric for Today’s Competitive Era

Madan Lal Regar , Akhtarul Islam Amjad , Atiki Singhal

Scientific review
2020 / Volume 3 / Issue 4 / Pages 186-201
Received 16 June 2020; Accepted 28 August 2020; Published Online 11 September 2020; Published 1 December 2020

Innovation is the foremost requirement of today’s competitive era. Innovation refers to improving on an existing concept or idea using a stepwise process to create a commercially viable product. Food, clothing, and shelter are the basic needs of a human being. Clothing is made from textiles; with the help of textiles, the shelters are made more comfortable and attractive. Traditionally, fabrics are used for apparel and home furnishing purpose, but these days, application is diversifying in order to satisfy technical and protective functions. Camouflage fabrics are the ones most suitable for technical and protective purposes. Over the past few years, researchers have put emphasis on the development of camouflage fabrics for security measures for troops, and for activities intended to hide facts and mislead the enemy. Years of investigations have been invested into innovation in the manufacture of these fabrics which are providing the ultimate performance and reliability. In this review paper, an attempt is made to comprise principle, manufacturing techniques, properties and application. This paper also highlights the modern development and recent trends in the field of camouflage fabric. Camouflage and multispectral universal camouflage are the main areas of recent trends on camouflage fabrics. Camouflage fabrics are mostly used for hunting, survival prepper, tactical and military protective wears.

Camouflage fabric, Textile, Protective wear, Electrochromic fabrics