Core 2.0 Nebulization Technique – A Sustainable Denim Finishing Approach

Shah Md. Maruf Hasan , Md. Nahid-Ull-Islam, Md. Kamrul Hassan Chowdhury , Mahmuda Akter , Md Shahidul Islam Sakib

2024 / Volume 7 / Pages 582-596
Received 5 March 2024; Accepted 08 April 2024; Published 11 April 2024

Sustainability has emerged as a key concept in the modern techniques of washing and treating denim. The clothing industry, specifically the denim washing sector, confronts substantial sustainability issues due to its impact on water pollution and the generation of large quantities of chemical waste. This research aims to investigate the long-term sustainability of the nebulization process in the context of denim finishing. The goal is to assess the dependability of the technology as a feasible option by demonstrating its effectiveness using environmental impact measuring software. The environmental impact assessment assesses the ecological consequences of clothing across four fundamental areas: water usage, chemical utilisation, energy consumption in the production process, and labour implications. The aforementioned methods proved to have low energy and water demands, resulting in less waste and pollution. This study evaluated several aspects of nebulization on denim and concluded that nebulization is a beneficial method for applying eco-friendly finishing.

denim, sustainability, nebulization, core machine, environmental impact measuring (EIM) software