A Review of Emerging Technologies and Future Fabrics for Extreme Cold

Dinesh Bhatia, Priya Jaswal, S.K. Sinha

2024 / Volume 7 / Pages 265-291
Received 20 December 2023; Accepted 8 February 2024; Published 18 February 2024

Human comfort, safety, and performance are severely hampered by extremely cold environments, necessitating the ongoing development of innovative fabric technologies. The ability of materials to keep people warm is crucial, but conventional fabrics frequently have drawbacks in terms of comfort, durability, and thermal performance. To trace the development of fabric technologies insights from historical perspectives are drawn to trace the evolution of fabric technologies and key challenges highlighting their crucial impact on fabric performance in extremely cold situations. Design considerations are explored to improve comfort, movement, and protection by emphasizing the importance of layering systems. Standardized testing methods for the evaluation of fabric performance in cold environments are delved into. These evaluation criteria will be reliable and effective for future fabric solutions in extremely cold environments. Finally, the actual case studies are presented to show how emerging technologies can be successfully used in extremely cold environments.

extreme cold, thermal performance, fabrics, phase change materials, carbon nanotubes