Prediction of the Impact of Ring Spinning Machine Front Roller Rubber Cot Shore Hardness on Spun Yarn Quality Parameters

Eyasu Ferede, Tamrat Tesfaye, Million Ayele , Desalegn Atalie , Bewuket Teshome Wagaye

2024 / Volume 7 / Pages 18-34
Received 6 November 2023; Accepted 26 December 2023; Published 5 January 2024

The yarn quality is mostly determined by the spinning settings, process control methods, and raw material. The most crucial and fundamental process in ring spinning is drafting, which has a significant impact on the quality of the yarn. Yarn quality is greatly impacted by drafting elements such as shore hardness. This study aimed to predict the effect of different degrees of shore hardness in the ring machine front roller rubber cot on 100% cotton and 32s Ne ring spun yarn quality parameters. The backline shore hardness was constant. Cotton yarn properties, including mass uniformity, imperfection level, unevenness, hairiness, tensile strength, and elongation, were measured and analyzed in accordance with ASTM D1425-96 and ASTM D2256, 2015 test standards, respectively. Linear regression equations were developed for prediction. A linear regression analysis showed that there is a positive correlation between shore hardness and yarn quality parameters with higher R2 values. Therefore, almost in all cases, the value of R2 was above 0.834, which signifies one can make a definite prediction about the yarn properties with different shore hardness. From the result of this study, it can be concluded that the quality of the produced yarn is superior to about 63-65° shore hardness values.

ring spinning, shore ‘A’ hardness, yarn quality parameters, linear regression, durometer