Multi-Parameter Analysis of Textile Materials

Yu Peng, Yangyang Min, Wei Dang, Haowen Shi, Zengbin Liu

2024 / Volume 7 / Pages 203-221
Received 3 September 2023; Accepted 3 February 2024; Published 12 February 2024

Advanced constructions in the automotive, military, and aircraft sectors often employ textile materials. This is due to its advantageous mechanical characteristics, appealing supporting components, affordable manufacture, and simple handling. For architectural layout, textile composite analysis becomes crucial. It is costly and time-consuming to experimentally determine the rigidity and durability of textile materials. Due to the impossibility of disintegration, experimental testing can only provide the characteristics of a single textile layer. The disadvantage of a textile layer made up of various fibre orientations is that it is likely to display anisotropic physical performance. Based on the physical reaction of glass and epoxy resin materials, also the design of the textile materials, a multi-parameter (MP) analysis is used to identify the substance behaviour of textile materials via virtual testing. An estimate for just one layer or a whole textile prototype may be created using these simulated trials. Pressure-dependent and nonlinear responses of materials in the multi-parameter analysis are material models created especially for this purpose and are used to simulate. The simulations are contrasted with the outcomes of experimental tests, which reveal the properties of the textile materials. The findings stated that the proposed model has provided rigidity-dislocation of 0.30 in the simulation results.

multi-parameter analysis, textile, epoxy resin, glass, strength, flexibility, durability