Dimensional Analysis of Children’s Clothing Product Design Based on SPSS Factor Analysis

Sun Lin, Wang Yin

2024 / Volume 7 / Pages 1-17
Received 16 October 2023; Accepted 22 December 2023; Published 5 January 2024

The impact of the current social environment on people’s consumption structure has made children’s clothing an increasingly prominent strategic position in the competition in the clothing industry. To study the design dimensions of current children’s clothing products, taking children’s clothing products as the research object, a sample database and a vocabulary database related to design elements were constructed through market research methods. Initial data was obtained by observing, clustering, and sorting the collected 400 children’s clothing samples in combination with the vocabulary database. The initial data was analysed using the factor analysis method in SPSS software, and three independent factors regarding the design dimensions of children’s clothing products were extracted: aesthetic factors, care factors, and educational factors. Based on the research process and factor analysis results, we try to optimize the design of children’s clothing products. The research results show that the design of children’s clothing products is carried out from three dimensions: aesthetics, care and education. Also, the current children’s clothing products have deficiencies in multiple design dimensions. Optimized design can be used as a guide for children’s clothing design practitioners, and provide optimization directions for children’s clothing practitioners to design in line with market development and children’s growth needs.

textile industry, green technology, bibliometric analysis