Application of Coriander to Medical Cotton Bandage for the Development of Antimicrobial and Wound-Healing Properties

Joyjit Ghosh , Nishat Sarmin Rupanty, Shohag Chandra Das

2023 / Volume 6 / Pages 434-451
Received 11 August 2023; Accepted 07 September 2023; Published 9 September 2023

The aim of the research is to create a medical bandage utilizing an eco-friendly herb extract that is both antibacterial and wound-healing without the use of external dressing materials. The goal was accomplished by solvent extraction of the coriander herb (Coriandrum sativum). Ten layers of extracted solution were combined with one cotton bandage to create it using the pad-dry-cure technique. Following the same process, a second sample was created with a single layer using a ten-fold more concentrated coriander extraction solution. The K/S value measurement, SEM analysis, ATR analysis, and antimicrobial test were performed on treated materials. Implementations of the samples were made on a rabbit’s wound site to demonstrate their ability to recover. The second sample’s K/S value was remarkably similar to that of the first sample’s tenth layer which was 0.89. The second sample’s SEM picture showed that a significant amount of coriander extract had been deposited on the fibre surface. The presence of coriander extract’s phytochemicals in the treated sample was confirmed by ATR analysis. Samples that had been padded with coriander extract had zones of inhibition (ZOI) against Grampositive and Gram-negative bacteria that were 14 mm and 12 mm, respectively, in terms of antibacterial activity. Healing of the wound showed good results when the bandages were removed after seven days. The wound had fully recovered. Environmentally friendly products are in high demand in the medical industry. Therefore, these modified samples are marketable for use as medical bandages.

antimicrobial properties, wound-healing, medical bandage, coriander extract, Coriandrum sativum