Investigating Tear Strength in Sustainable Cotton-Lyocell Blend Siro Spun Fabrics: Twist Multiplier and Weave Type Effects

Farhana Afroz, Md. Momtaz Islam , Shilpi Akter , Dewan Murshed Ahmed

2023 / Volume 6 / Pages 718-741
Received 27 September 2023; Accepted 12 November 2023; Published 22 November 2023

This study investigates the tear strength properties of a cotton-Lyocell blend siro spun fabric. Lyocell fibre production follows sustainable practices with a closed-loop system and renewable resources, requiring less energy and water. Furthermore, Lyocell is a biodegradable fibre, ensuring its environmentally friendly decomposition. Similarly, cotton offers durability, washability and biodegradability, making it an eco-conscious fabric alternative. Woven fabrics were created using cotton-Lyocell blend siro spun yarns with varying twist multipliers and thread densities in plain, twill and satin weaves. The tear strength of these fabrics was measured and regression analysis was conducted to investigate the impact of different parameters. The results demonstrate that twist multiplier, warp density and weft density significantly affect the tear strength of all fabric types. Furthermore, a comparison was made between the tear strength of the cotton-Lyocell siro spun fabrics and conventional ring-spun cotton fabrics and found that cotton-lyocell siro spun fabrics offer better strength properties compared to conventional ring-spun cotton fabrics. The findings of this study provide valuable insights into fabric strength factors, contributing to future research in textile development for enhanced durability and sustainability.

tear strength, cotton, lyocell, siro spun fabric