Optimization Rubbing Fastness in Lyocell and Silk Fabric Dyeing with Tinospora cordifolia using Box-Behnken Design and Citrus limon Extract with Potassium Aluminium Sulfate Mordants

Ramratan Guru , Jyoti Rani

2023 / Volume 6 / Pages 475-497
Received 24 July 2023; Accepted 7 September 2023; Published 12 September 2023

The demand for environmentally friendly natural dyes has risen significantly. This study currently aims to assess the rub-fastness properties of silk and lyocell fabrics that have been dyed using Tinospora cordifolia stem extracts. This dyeing process involves the utilization of both Citrus limon and potassium aluminium sulfate as mordants. To achieve this objective, we have employed the Box-Behnken experimental research design for sample preparation. Our investigation delves into the influence of various processing factors, encompassing dye concentration, time duration, and temperature, on the rubbing fastness attributes of lyocell and silk fabrics treated with Citrus limon extract and alum mordant. The dye, sourced through an aqueous extraction method from Tinospora cordifolia stems, is subsequently employed in dyeing silk and lyocell fabrics, followed by mordanting using the meta-mordanting technique. The assessment of rubbing fastness quality is conducted using the standard test method AATCC 8 for both fabric types. Our experimental findings unveil a notable similarity in rubbing properties between lyocell and silk fabrics dyed with Citrus limon and those treated with potassium aluminium sulfate mordant. Intriguingly, fabric samples treated with Citrus limon mordants exhibit marginally enhanced rubbing (2 to 3 G to 5 G) results when juxtaposed with their counterparts treated with potassium aluminium sulfate mordant. Throughout the experimental course, it becomes evident that both temperature (35 °C, 50 °C, 65 °C) and time (40, 55 and 70 min) exert a significant influence on the wet and dry rubbing fastness characteristics of both silk and lyocell fabrics. Notably, as dyeing time and temperature increase, there is a corresponding rise in fabric dye uptake.

rubbing fastness, lyocell, silk, Citrus limon, Tinospora cordifolia, mordant, Box-Behnken method