Antibacterial and Comfort Properties of Untreated Bamboo Fabric Related to Cotton Fabrics Treated with Zinc Oxide

Arjun Dakuri, Renuka Tejawini Lolla

2023 / Volume 6 / Pages 360-372
Received 11 July 2023; Accepted 8 August 2023; Published 10 August 2023

The current study aims to evaluate and categorize bamboo fabric’s functional and comfort properties. The study includes the selection of 100% bamboo fabrics of 127 g/m2 and 112 g/m2 and cotton fabrics of 104 g/m2. The cotton fabric was chemically processed and then treated with ZnO (1%, 2%, and 3%) using a padding machine. The antibacterial action of bamboo and ZnO-coated cotton samples was assessed and analysed against E. coli and S. aureus. The moisture properties of the chosen samples were tested. Further, the chosen samples are tested for properties like bending, drapeability, specific handle force, and air permeability. It was found that bamboo samples exhibit extensive microbial activity, and the same was proven through the 3% ZnO treatment of cotton samples. Both cotton and bamboo samples demonstrated enhanced moisture management properties. The comfort properties of bamboo samples are observed to be exceptional compared to cotton samples, making them more suitable for functions in situ than cotton.

bamboo, cotton, zinc oxide, antimicrobial activity, comfort properties