Comparison of Structural and Thermal Properties of Bauhinia Vahlii Fibre Extracted with Varied NaOH Concentrations

Goutam Bar , Kavita Chaudhary

2023 / Volume 6 / Pages 151-166
Received 11 March 2023; Accepted 20 April 2023; Published 26 April 2023

Plant-based natural fibres have great potential to replace synthetic materials. They come from renewable resources and are biodegradable. The physical, structural, and thermal properties of lignocellulosic fibres can be slightly modified by adopting various fibre extraction methods and chemical treatments. This research aims to compare the structural and thermal properties of Bauhinia vahlii fibres (BVFs) extracted by the different extraction processes. The Bauhinia vahlii bark was treated with 10% (w/w) and 15% (w/w) NaOH solution at 95oC for two hours, followed by mechanical and manual extraction and comparison of the structural and thermal properties. Bauhinia vahlii fibres extracted with 15% NaOH solution (BVFs15) have higher crystallinity and more surface roughness than fibres extracted with 10% NaOH (BVFs10). Thermal analysis indicates that the maximum thermal degradation temperature and kinetic activation energy are slightly higher for Bauhinia vahlii fibres extracted with a 15% NaOH solution. The BVFs15 has improved structural and thermal properties and can be used for natural yarn manufacture.

Bauhinia vahlii, FTIR, morphological characterization, thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction, alkaline treatment