Investigating the Ideal Combination of Virgin Cotton Fibre Length with Recycled Fibre for Better Yarn Quality

Md. Mominul Motin, Hasan Mazharul Haq, Ayub Nabi Khan, Md. Obaidur Rahman, Md. Omar Ali

2024 / Volume 7 / Pages 391-402
Received 16 January 2024; Accepted 3 March 2024; Published 7 March 2024

This study examines the effects of blending virgin cotton fibres of selected lengths with a fixed percentage of recycled fibres on yarn quality. By choosing three different lengths of virgin cotton fibres and incorporating 20% recycled fibre, we investigate the resultant yarn properties through detailed statistical analysis. Our research identifies significant enhancements in yarn quality with increased virgin fibre length, offering new insights into effective fibre blending strategies. This investigation supports the textile industry in refining fibre blend ratios for improved yarn qualities while advocating for sustainable practices through the utilization of recycled fibres. It sets the stage for future exploration aimed at optimizing the balance between virgin and recycled fibres to achieve superior yarn characteristics.

cotton, fibre length, recycled fibre, yarn quality, fibre length optimization