An approach to improve the elasticity of rib fabric through mechanical and chemical finishing

Md. Shakhawat Hossain, Md. Momtaz Islam , Shamima Akter Smriti , Sumon Chandra Dey, Md. Azharul Islam

2022 / Volume 5 / Pages 626-639
Received 9 November 2022; Accepted 22 December 2022; Published 29 December 2022

In recent years, the demand for knit fabric has increased significantly due to some of its unique properties like comfortability, stretchability, easy care, excellent wrinkle resistance and a high degree of fashion features. Among the different types of knit fabric, rib fabric is very popular for its elasticity. There is a demand for more elasticity of rib fabric in manufacturing apparel like sportswear. A common practice is to use elastane yarn along with native yarn to increase the knit fabric’s elasticity. Elastane fibres are synthetic fibres which are not comfortable. Elastane yarns are costly and cause a few difficulties during knitting. In this study, a combination of mechanical and chemical finishing processes has been introduced to increase the elasticity of 100% cotton rib fabric. The best possible finishing route was incorporated to maximize the rib fabric elasticity. It was observed that rib fabric elasticity can be increased up to 1.5 times from its native value. The material cost between the new proposed process and the existing elastic fabric manufacturing process was compared. It was found that the new process is much cheaper. This is an approach to finding an easy, industrially applicable and cost-effective method to maximize rib fabric elasticity without using any elastane yarn.

rib fabric, elastomeric softener, mechanical finishing, shrinkage, elastic recovery