An Evaluation of Simulated Batik Techniques to Chrome Re-tanned Leather Substrates

Umme Habiba Bodrun Naher, Md. Mamdudur Rahman Chowdhury, Nurul Kawchar Rakib

2022 / Volume 5 / Pages 612-625
Received 22 October 2022; Accepted 1 December 2022; Published 19 December 2022

Batik is one of the most attractive and precious methods which enhances the value of leather even of a very simple one. Batik is mainly practised on clothes. Practising batik on leather is not yet mainstreamed. In the batik technique on leather, wax is typically used as a colour barrier and then different wax removers are used to remove wax from the leather surface. Wax and wax removers create some complexities in leather. This study aims to explore different techniques such as tie-dye, block, splashing, and painting to create a batik effect on the chrome re-tanned leather surface. Then different colour fastness tests (rub, wash, perspiration, light, and heat fastness) are accomplished to assess the quality of batik leather. The resulting appearance and quality of the finished leathers are assessed with greyscale and found at a satisfactory level. In each fastness test, results in the greyscale ratings are 4/5 to 5. The produced leathers are then used for making coin purses, key cases, and ladies’ purses. So, the new batik techniques are recommendable for practice.

batik, wax, tie-dye, greyscale, chrome re-tanned leather