Specificity and development of distribution strategies of luxury fashion brands

Leona Matić, Irena Pandža Bajs

2022 / Volume 5 / Pages 540-563
Received 11 October 2022; Accepted 07 December 2022; Published 14 December 2022

The market of luxurious fashion brands is a challenging business area. It usually needs the right marketing strategy for its management. Luxury fashion brands face the challenge of how to balance the wider distribution, while at the same time confirming the peculiarity of their offer. The aim of this study is to analyse the specificity of luxury fashion brand distribution and its role in creating luxury fashion brand value. The specificity of physical and digital channels of luxury fashion brands distribution was analysed. The hypothesis was that luxury could be hardly emitted through digital distribution channels. By analysing the relevant literature and case studies, it was realised that in the market of luxury fashion brands there are exceptions to the strict rules established from the very beginnings of the luxury fashion industry. The distribution of brands with a long tradition and successful business results like Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel were analysed. Luxury fashion brands successfully resist technological development by nurturing the tradition of exclusivity and unavailability. These can be marketed to some extent through digital distribution channels. The omnichannel distribution of luxury fashion brands is highly valued among the younger population. It gains greater market potential and therefore greater revenue.

luxury fashion brands, strategy, distribution channels, digital distribution, consumers