Fabrication and Characterization of Jute-covered Core-spun Yarn Produced on Flyer-spinning Frame

Md. Bashar Uddin , Anupam Deb Nath , Kazi Sowrov , Hosne Ara Begum

2022 / Volume 5 / Pages 414-429
Received 26 July 2022; Accepted 23 August 2022; Published 27 August 2022

Recently, the consumption of core-spun yarn is increasing owing to its growing application in functional textiles. In a core-spun yarn, filaments as a core material are being used to provide functional properties, while natural fibers as a cover material are being used to provide surface physical properties and a natural outlook. In this study, jute-covered core-spun yarns containing polyester filaments with different linear densities were made in a modified jute flyer-spinning frame with the distinguishably positioned filament feed. The physico-mechanical properties of the manufactured core-spun yarns were examined, and the results were analyzed with the SPSS software. Compared with the 100% jute yarn, the jute-covered core-spun yarns have significantly higher tenacity (233.13% to 315.5%) and breaking elongation (257.9% to 367%), and lower unevenness (Um%), imperfection values, and degree of hairiness. Such good-quality core-spun yarn can be used in functional, value-added, and different diversified jute products.

long staple spinning, jute yarn, functional jute products, compound yarn