Analysis of Alternative Protective Materials Against Mechanical Impacts for a New Generation Goalkeeper Jersey

Mehmet Kucuk, Mucella Guner

2023 / Volume 6 / Pages 1-17
Received 5 July 2022; Accepted 31 December 2022; Published 4 January 2023

The physical characteristics of the jerseys utilized by football (soccer) goalkeepers are crucial for the comfort of the players to perform the related activities. This study aims to investigate various materials, to facilitate the examination and development of new-generation goalkeeper jerseys that differentiate from the jerseys used currently. Within the scope of the study materials that are functionally better (such as less impact, and higher resilience) than sponge material were investigated. Corresponding tests (penetration depth, surface stiffness, bending strength, resilience, mass per unit area, thickness, and sewability) were carried out for analysing the functionality of these alternative materials. The test results of these alternative materials were compared with the values obtained from the sponges that are used widely in today’s goalkeeper jerseys. In light of the data resulting from the research and experiments, the materials of 5mm EPDM and/or 5mm Neoprene used in the jerseys provided better protection properties against mechanical effects together with ensuring better functionality compared to the sponge material.

clothing, sport science, sports clothes, protective material, goalkeeper jersey