Comparative Study of Cotton Yarn Properties Using Central-Fan and Multi-Fan for Vacuum Generation in Aerodynamic Compact Spinning Systems

Md. Abu Sayed, Md. Bashar Uddin , Hosne Ara Begum

2022 / Volume 5 / Pages 240-252
Received 2 May 2022; Accepted 21 June 2022; Published 28 June 2022

Today, aerodynamic compact spinning is the most widely used compact spinning method in which the vacuum (negative pressure airflow) is generated to compact the fibre strands. Different manufacturers use different vacuum generation systems, which can be divided into the following – a central fan system with combined duct and independent duct and a multiple fan system. The information on each system and its impact on yarn properties would be quite attractive for research. This empirical study investigated the properties of yarns manufactured on the aerodynamic compact spinning systems with widely-used different vacuum systems. To preserve neutrality, these systems were referred to as CFS (CDS and IDS) and MFS instead of using their commercial names. It was found that CFS was the most remarkable concerning yarn irregularity (U% and CVm%), imperfection index (IPI), and bundle yarn strength (CSP) in comparison with the MFS. Though the yarn hairiness in MFS was better than in IDS, overall quality parameters were not as comparable to IDS or CDS.

compact yarn, vacuum system, central fan system, multi-fan system, pneumatic compacting