Investigation of the Effect of Using Different Interlinings on the Comfort Properties of the Embroidered Surface

Zümrüt Bahadir Ünal, Eda Acar

2022 / Volume 5 / Pages 165-179
Received 11 March 2022; Accepted 20 April 2022; Published 26 April 2022

Embroidery is a form of embellishment obtained by processing the figures on various surfaces. It has been done as multi-needle and computer-aided since the 1990s. Embroidery practice is applied with the aim of improving the appearance of the product and separating the product from similar ones. The embroidery process has direct effect on the cost and sale of the product and is used widely in the garment industry. Embroidery applied on the surface is supported by interlining in order to have better quality of the embroidery. In this research, all parame-ters intended for obtaining embroidered surface were kept constant and five different interlining types were ap-plied as variables. Physical and comfort tests were performed for evaluating the comfort features of the embroi-dered surface. According to the findings obtained from the study, the use of water-soluble interlining was found to be appropriate in places that were in direct contact with the skin.

embroidery, interlining types, clothing comfort, friction

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