Wound Healing Functionality of Mangosteen Extracts on Viscose Fabric

Md. Golam Kibria , Kawser Parveen Chowdhury , Ariful Haque Ashik, Md. Esrafil Hossain Riyad

2022 / Volume 5 / Pages 147-164
Received 1 March 2022; Accepted 1 April 2022; Published 11 April 2022

The aim of this study was to introduce novel dressing with different extracts of mangosteen for quick blood clotting and wound healing. Insufficient use of natural biomaterials for blood clotting and wound healing in the medical textile sector has been observed. In order to improve the situation, viscose woven fabrics treated with mangosteen leaf, peel and pericarp extract were examined. Fresh mangosteens were collected from local market and different pastes were prepared by using an electric blender. The pretreated viscose woven fabrics were dyed with these pastes using glycerin as mordant. After the sample preparation, an antibacterial test, odor test, blood clotting test, strength test, color fastness tests were done. The treated samples exhibited good antibacterial activity against gram negative bacteria and mild antibacterial activity against gram positive bacteria, especially the fabrics treated with mangosteen leaf and pericarp. Besides, the treated samples did not create annoying odors as like the untreated one. To justify healing properties, implementations of the samples were done on a rabbit. Leaf and pericarp treated fabrics exhibited good blood clotting in comparison with untreated fabric. All the treated samples exhibited average to good color fastness to wash and rubbing properties with sufficient tensile strength. Morphological changes of the treated and untreated fibers were examined by SEM and FTIR analysis and the results clearly showed the differences in the untreated and treated samples. The experiments were carried out in an environment friendly way which indicates the production and processing of these dressing materials can have an enormous contribution to sustainable operations and products for the development of medical textiles sector.

mangosteen, viscose fabric, antibacterial, anti-odor, blood clotting, wound healing