An Investigation Approach for Assessing Challenges to Sustainable Consumption and Production Practices in the Leather Goods Industry

Md. Rashed-Ul-Islam, Laboni Begum, Afroza Hossain

2022 / Volume 5 / Pages 85-102
Received 22 December 2021; Accepted 16 February 2022; Published 24 February 2022

Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) practices in the leather goods industry is a new trend in the developing and developed countries and it is becoming more popular by the day. It is essential to introduce SCP practices for the production in the sub-sector of leather products in Bangladesh. The relevance of SCP activities to the leather goods industry is emphasized in this article. The previous work emphasised other industrial fields. Results reveal that the lack of technological up-gradation, lack of customer attitude and behaviour towards SCP, lack of incentives for/motivation of business organizations, lack of top management commitment, support, dedication and involvement, and customers who are attracted towards cheap products come under causal group challenges, which can help the decision makers formulate a policy for a successful implementation of SCP practices that will help achieve sustainable development goals.

leather goods industry, challenges, sustainable consumption and production, sustainability, supply chain sustainability, sustainable development goals