Field classification in Dimensions: A case study of textile technology

Davor Jokic

Original scientific article
2019 / Volume 2 / Issue 3 / Pages 145-153
Received 20 May 2019; Accepted 8 July 2019; Published Online 10 July 2019; Published 2 September 2019

Given the latest research on Dimensions classification, this article discusses the novelty of such classification in the field of textile technology from the standpoint of Croatian scientific career advancement system. New machine learning article based classification system is compared to a traditional journal based classification system brought by the Web of Science and Scopus in terms of evaluation significance. The starting point of assigned category comparison were 13 journals indexed in the Web of Science in just one common category – Materials science, Textiles. Since Scopus does not have a unique category for the textile technology a list of 11 assigned categories was put in the comparison. Lastly, 58 research fields assigned to the articles published in mentioned journals indexed in Dimensions were analyzed for validity. Results show that the unique category of Textiles in Web of Science fully fits the field of textile technology from Croatian point of view. Scopus model with multi category assignment is not so reliable and useful in field evaluation. Lastly, Dimensions with its novel approach failed to validly classify indexed publications.

Dimensions, Bibliometrics, Field classification, Textile technology, Research evaluation