Functional Design of Medical Undershirt with Microbial Barrier

Beti Rogina-Car , Slavica Bogovic

Original scientific article
2019 / Volume 2 / Issue 2 / Pages 72-78
Received 21 December 2018; Accepted 28 February 2019; Published Online 29 February 2019; Published 6 June 2019

Underwear is a very important segment for people with sensitive skin and patients with dermatological diseases. Since it is in direct contact with skin, it has an important role in the postoperative period, in which it is used as a function of protection and support of the operative part of the body. The main task of the underwear for this purpose is to protect the skin from harmful effects such as microorganisms and to keep the skin’s condition in remission if no improvement can be achieved. In accordance with the specific requirements, a functional design of a medical undershirt with microbial barrier was proposed. Functional design was carried out based on previously published research. Digitization of the human body was carried out by 3D scanning and based on the cloud of points measures have been taken as well as defined forms of body parts for whom the cutting pattern is being developed. The model is divided into several zones where it is possible for each area to determine the required compression for the support.

Functional design, Computer clothing construction, 3D body scanning, Microbial barrier, Medical undershirt