Overview and perspective of nonwoven agrotextile

Paula Marasovic , Dragana Kopitar

Scientific review
2019 / Volume 2 / Issue 1 / Pages 32-45
Received 21 December 2018; Accepted 12 February 2019; Published Online 12 February 2019; Published 8 March 2019

Agrotextile belongs to one of the twelve sectors of technical textiles covering textile products with application in agriculture, horticulture, cattle breeding and aquaculture as well in agro engineering. The significance of agrotextiles can be stated substantial all over the world since it has been proven to be very versatile and cost effective materials.
Nonwoven agrotextiles are innovative products with special structural performances designed for agricultural applications and practices such as weed control, wind protection, frost cover fabric that is used for adjustment of weather conditions from the sudden changing of temperature and seasonal changes. Furthermore, common application of nonwoven agrotextiles are for reducing the sun radiation as well as thermal protection of plants as shade cloth, furthermore for preventing insect and other pests on crops, preventing soil drainage and sediment creation. All over the world, applications of nonwoven agrotextiles products in agriculture have shown great positive impacts on growth, production and protection of various crops and vegetables. Many studies have been proving that nonwoven agrotextile covers accelerate the growth and development of seedlings as well as their nutritive values. By preventing weed growth and insect protection, the use of herbicides and pesticides are reduced. Agrotextiles made of natural fibres can be considered as a potential candidate for replacing some of today’s popular synthetic agrotextiles which are becoming ecologically less acceptable nowadays.
Usage of agrotextiles is one of the growing alternatives in today’s context with respect to the increase in global population thus food quantity and food quality and in the same time growing environmental concern. Sustainable socio-economic development considers natural fibre usage in agrotextile production in all possible areas covered by agrotextile application. The main purpose of the review is to give an overview and importance of nonwoven agrotextiles with indication of nonwoven agrotextile perspective in future.

Nonwoven agrotextiles, Frost protection, Pest control, Yield, Dry matter, Chemical composition