Customizations of women bullet-proof jacket through 3D design process

Mulat Alubel Abtew , Pascal Bruniaux, Francois Boussu

Original scientific article
2019 / Volume 2 / Issue 1 / Pages 23-31
Received 28 December 2018; Accepted 13 February 2019; Published Online 13 February 2019; Published 8 March 2019

In today’s scenario many personnel including police officers, security guards, field journalist etc. made it mandatory to wear ballistic protection garments while on duty. In order to give the required protection, most of the ballistic protecting garment (vests) were developed with higher number of fabric layers.The development of such garment using higher number of layers would also result higher weight and discomfort to the wearer while wearing in every condition throughout the day. However, the ballistic protection garment should be designed considering not only ballistic resistance toward projectile penetration but also reasonably light in weight and flexible to provide comforts. The current study brings a new techniques through 3D design process to develop the women bullet proof jackets on the women adaptive mannequin. The jacket can be worn along with the ballistic vest or can be removed to attain the different protection level at the different duty situations. The jacket can removed in order to increase the comfort and reduce the weight of the protection garment while the personnel is not in very dangerous duty areas. However, the designed jacket can also be wear along with the ballistic vest to give the required protection for the personnel at the very dangerous situations.

3D design process, Adaptive mannequin, Bullet proof jackets, Customization, Parametrization