Research and investigation of women’s dress pattern

Durdica Kocijancic

Original scientific article
2018 / Volume 1 / Issue 3-4 / Pages 100-113
Received 22 October 2018; Accepted 3 December 2018; Published 10 December 2018

The aim of this paper is to research and investigate the women’s dress pattern by using conventional women’s dress constructions, more specifically by comparing three different ways of constructing women’s dress patterns. Women’s dress construction methods of B. Knez, J. Slavicek and „Rundschau” are compared and respective women’s dress prototypes are made from calico. Based on the best features and visible results obtained from the three pattern constructions, as well as the appropriate body-related adaptability, a new women’s dress pattern is produced featuring different pattern parts in natural size. The new women’s dress pattern is investigated and used in the education of next generation fashion and costume designers in view of practical application.

Dress construction, Women’s clothes, Modelling, Cutting, Garment construction