Launching a new brand of women’s underwear

Ivana Kojundzic, Alica Grilec , Ksenija Dolezal, Irena Sabaric

Professional paper
2018 / Volume 1 / Issue 2 / Pages 64-71
Reveived 25 July 2018; Accepted 29 August 2018; Published 31 August 2018

Women’s underwear plays a significant role in everyday clothing. Underwear serves a number of equally important purposes. High aesthetic requirements have to be fulfilled as well as those of protection and comfort. Therefore, the idea of launching a new fashion brand of women’s underwear is presented in this paper. The main purpose of the paper is the description of the development of a new brand of luxury underwear including the introduction of several economic phases which are cover mission, vision, brand goal, SWOT analysis and 7P marketing mix.

Underwear, Fashion brand, SWOT analysis, 7P marketing mix