Influence of weave and densities on visual appearance of woven fabrics made from two colored yarns

Krste Dimitrovski, Ursa Grum, Klara Kostajnsek

Original scientific article
2018 / Volume 1 / Issue 1 / Pages 8-17
Received 10 April 2018; Accepted 6 June 2018; Published 14 June 2018

The paper examines the effect of different factors, i.e. weft density, weave type and consequently agglomeration of the interlacing points of the same type, on the colour impression of a woven fabric. The experimental part is based on 60 weaved samples which differ in weave type (we used 10 different weave types in which the technical face and technical back are the same), colour of the warp (we used white and black warp) and weft density (we used yarns with densities 15, 20 and 25 yarns / cm). We measured the colour values of the woven samples. We arranged the measurements in different ways and tried to visually evaluate the effect of density, effect of weave type, also the effect of the size and shape of agglomerated interlacing points of the same type, on the colour impression of the woven fabric. The results of the colour measurements were sorted into tables and presented in graphs, which were used to find the samples within the observed groups of characteristics that showed the biggest colour differences, to calculate these colour differences and observe and explain the effect of the observed factors on the colour impression.

colour impression, woven fabrics, weave type, agglomeration, colour values